Le droit, 18 avril 1953


Miller Brittain
There was a time when the late painter Miller Brittain couldn't even give his paintings away; but now; thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Paul Toomik; the tortured artist's work has become hot property. Mrs. Toomik is executor of Brittain's estate and the painting she studies here with her husband is Quo Vadis; one of the works at Galerie Dresdnere. Brittain; who died in 1968; once offered the Toomiks all his early works for $50 each. (Photo by Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


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This is "# 1 Miller Brittain DocTalks (H264)" by Kent Martin


Tom Smart, author, curator, discusses the life and art of Canadian artist Miller Brittain, and his biography on Brittain.


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